Together, let us plant seeds of hope, affirmation, and aspiration in young minds, bridge the gaps between different races and ethnicities, help our future men to think, see and act respectfully among themselves and towards others.
— Nehbi C. Oluwo

About the author

Nehbi C. Oluwo is a passion-driven author. She comes from a diverse background having been born in Cameroon, reared in Ethiopia and lived in the United States for the past 16 years where she has since become a naturalized American citizen. Ambitious and purpose-driven, she pursued the African Dream of finding a stable career with financial rewards by becoming a pharmacist. 

An advocate for quality education, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Virginia Tech University and later, a Doctor of Pharmacy from Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy. Throughout her enrollment in pharmacy school, she won three annual competitions with varying themes courtesy of The Lozenge, a magazine created a few years ago, for what she would coin "networking/entertainment/art expression." 

Nehbi's passions include a profound love for children, delicious food, dance, travel, and creative writing. She is a humanitarian who is obsessed with paying forward and giving back. Nehbi believes that we start building our future now by cultivating our young minds by filling them with seeds of affirmation and hope. 

Honors and Awards

  1. 1st place Winner: African Pharmacy Student Association (APSA) writing competition, "Fallen Hero," Texas Southern University, 2011

  2. 1st Place Winner: APSA writing competition, "Living the African Dream," Texas Southern University, 2010
  3. 3rd Place Winner: Student counseling competition, Texas Southern University, 2010
  4. Carol B. Lewis Scholarship Winner: 22nd Annual Symposium, Xavier University, 2008

In Her Own Words

First and foremost, I am the wife of the man God blessed me with. I am a delighted mother on call 24/7 to my two young men and greatest joy. I started daily affirmations with my boys three years ago. Writing is indeed my first love, so the only way I knew to share with the world was to express my most passionate thoughts in writing.
— Nehbi C. Oluwo
I am just a full-time mom with a passion for children and telling stories that affirm that they are destined to be great.

I am just a full-time mom with a passion for children and telling stories that affirm that they are destined to be great.


When my first son was about six months old, I remember rocking him to sleep. It was during those 30-50 minutes of singing Demi coco go to sleep that I would imagine the man he would become. Then I repeated that same sequence when God blessed me with my second born son four years later. I am now a mother of 2 precious little men, which is such a blessing. I continuously fantasize in my mind that they would become the best versions of themselves. 

So around two years old, I started doing nightly affirmations with Demi before he went to bed. By the time he turned five, he had gotten so used to this habit he couldn't get enough of these affirmations. These days, I must almost bribe him to recite them before I drop him off at school or after we say our night prayers. As much as he might get tired of repeating those same affirmations, I believe they are indirectly molding his self-esteem and belief in himself.  

Once I started noticing a bold change in him, I thought to myself, "Why not share this practice with the world?" Our children are our future and hope. Arise Little Man is a doorway directed to little men all over the world from all backgrounds and walks of life. I wrote it as a daily reminder to light sparks of self-love, affirmation, and empowerment in their minds; to see ownership and value to self and those around them; to build character; to understand love, and to develop purpose.